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Our Yeshiva

When the Roshei Yeshiva of Ma’ayan HaTorah established the yeshiva, they set the bar very high for their typical talmid. He would be a young man who might be pursuing a college degree in tandem with his immersion in Talmudic Studies. He would be sincerely interested in his spiritual growth while learning to become self-sufficient. He would be interested in developing a strong kesher with his rebbeim, maintaining this relationship even after he left the four walls of the yeshiva.
In just a few years, Ma’ayan HaTorah’s student body has exceeded even those high expectations.  The Yeshiva is, B’H, growing and the talmidim are flourishing. Alumni keep in close contact with their rebbeim even as they move forward with their careers and establish families.
Ma’ayan HaTorah is first and foremost a rigorous Bais Medrash program. In addition, many of its students attend local nearby colleges. As a part of the Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim Network, the Yeshiva is AARTS accredited. With its warm environment and extensive schedule of growth-related programs, Ma’ayan HaTorah serves as a beacon to its bachurim who are on the cusp of establishing their own homes. With its devoted Rebbeim and special programs, it is also an anchor for those kollel yungeleit who choose to continue learning at the Yeshiva after marriage.  
When Ma’ayan HaTorah chose Richmond Hill to be its home, it was welcomed warmly by the Torah community. One of the Yeshiva’s primary missions is to encourage talmidim to use their individual kochos to give back to this community, as well as  to the greater community of K’lal Yisroel. The Faces of Leadership program introduces the students to a variety of inspiring role models who have used their particular kochos to serve their communities.
At Ma'ayan HaTorah each talmid is encouraged to find his personal best and is given the tools to find his individual strengths. Each talmid gains confidence in himself and looks outward towards his community. Each talmid becomes a true Ben Torah.

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